Friday, February 20, 2015

Chinese New Year and to us ~

Isu sensitif, bangsa dan agama. I am a malay, my husband is a malay, and this is my lovely girls

They look like chinese? Are they chinese?
Well partly true

This is a story of MALAYSIAN, a typical Malaysian. Our typical malaysian should be mix and match, yes, that is what I believe.

What matters to me the most I AM A MUSLIM. That is the most important. I hardly find any true MALAY without any mix in the family, nowadays and it is the fact. Now malay mix with chinese, indian, pattani, british, portugese, indonesian.. oh.. all sort of races throughout the world! 

I am bumiputera, yes. My friend who is a very stunningly beautiful sabahan lady also a bumiputera. Am I not grateful for that? Yes, I am. My friends , indian, chinese, are not bumiputera, are they at loss? I don't really think so, because they are non-bumi, they work harder, they survive better. 

Are they racist? I have met racist chinese, but I also met racist malays. Race, is important so we take the best of it and be a better person. Malays known to be grace and very polite, good teamwork and hold strong to pillars of islam. Others known for work hard and very determine in achieving goals. And when we combine, mixture of grace, polite, brave, hardworking, achieving goals, teamwork, and even better holding strong to pillars of Islam, this will make the best out of human!

This is what I feel, for Malaysia today. 
Am I with a chinese guy now? Partly true ;)
Am I a pure Malay?
Give it a guess :D (clue: no chinese blood in me)

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