Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Simple Healthy Breakfast ~ Actifry

Very simple, toss in broccoli with spoons of butter
Use salted butter, taste will be nice
Can add other veggie also if you like, sweet peas, carrot, baby corn, cauliflower etc

After that, also actifry your french fries..
Nak add pepper also can
Capsicum also will be nice

Add je apa yd ada dl peti ais :)

Kalau rasa tak lengkap x de meat, can toss in some sausages.

Nice for breakfast.

On that particular day, we have some leftover blackpepper jejari ayam, best juga masukkan dalam actifry sbb masak sekata :)

We will be launching new batch of our Milk Silk skirt. InsyaAllah to cater muslimah yang nak pakai long skirt yang tak jarang, tak ikut bentuk badan, mudah urus, mudah gosok , x mudah kedut, material eksklusif... :) Like our page on FB for more updates:

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