Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Little Caliph Putra Heights

Maryam Qistina went to playschool at 3-yrs-old, Little Caliph. Back then, we send Qistina to school just to give her some exposure, socialize. Our community now not like when we were young before. Now full of insecure. people can just grab your child from the street, and ZAPP!! your kids can just vanished forever..

Now, is the third year Qistina schooling, and Maisarah will be 3-yrs-old soon. I enrolled her to the same program, in the same school. Mainly for her to socialize also.

Why I choose Little Caliph?

The program based on english and islamic 
The program teaches doa and solat
The program let the kids play, teaching according to kids ability
The program do not push kids for learning and learning and learning

I want them to enjoy
And make friends

This is the first day, where daddy will send them to school. Look at Sarah, she still confused on what happen that day!
She arrive at school smiling and shaking hands with all teachers that greet them.
She thought she just sending her big sis to school..

Now look what happen after that..

Crying and holding tight to school gate...

Later might update how she's doing ^_^

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